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  • A-burnin ', and a-burnin', and a-makin 'o' volk madder and madder; but tek thou my word vor't, Joan, -- and I bean't wrong not twice i 'ten year -- the burnin' o 'the owld archbishop'll burn the Pwoap out o' this 'ere land vor iver and iver.

    Queen Mary and Harold

  • Arter that they tu be goin 'vor' oneymun over ta 'ardland in li'le ol' 'ouze.

    Leonie of the Jungle

  • […] AdMan kann man verschiedene Code-Blöcke hinterlegen, die "vor", "in" oder […]

    uberdose 2.0

  • "It's all roight, young un," the boy said in a low voice, "thar's no call vor to fret.

    Through the Fray A Tale of the Luddite Riots

  • A remarkable upwards trend.welcome. but using bush by comparison isn't saying much. if i fell off a cliff, and 8 years later, fell off a ladder, am i doing good for myself? sadly, bush had a better rating at the same time this year than obama was enjoying. tadair: "so, when more than half of Americans don't agree on the poll question when asked if they think the country's headed in the right direction, it is spun as a positive" oh, we still have nearly half that do. "vor:" Polls are relatively meaningless.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • “Die Säle sind nach wie vor proppenvoll”, berichtet Groll.

    Matthew Yglesias » Sherri Berman: Progressives Must Believe in Change

  • Have you seen Fassbinder's Angst vor der Angst (Fear of Fear) yet?

    The real housewife

  • Dumm nur, dass General David Patreus Heute vor dem Armed Service Committe des Senats die angeblich nie geäußerten Worte Bidens mehr oder [...]

    Matthew Yglesias » David Petraeus, Jew-Hater

  • Jetzt leben wir postindustriellen Phase, wie sie es nennen-und Arbeitsplätze sind vor allem Arbeitsplätze im Dienstleistungsbereich, statt der industriellen Produktion Beschäftigung.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Regulation Gone Mad

  • Reisen vor der Sündfluth, [Travels before the Flood] x (1817)

    Chronological List


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