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  • n. See vortex.


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  • It is suggested that an electric current going along a wire is such a "four-dimensional vortex-ring."

    The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained

  • Supposing, now, that we adopt provisionally the vortex theory, -- the great power of which is well shown by the consideration just mentioned, -- we must not forget that it is absolutely essential to the indestructibleness of the material atom that the universal fluid in which it has an existence as a vortex-ring should be entirely destitute of friction.

    The Unseen World, and Other Essays

  • Now this is just what a vortex-ring would do in an incompressible frictionless fluid.

    The Unseen World, and Other Essays

  • A vortex-ring, for example, in such a fluid, would forever preserve its own rotation, and would thus forever retain its peculiar individuality, being, as it were, marked off from its neighbour vortex-rings.

    The Unseen World, and Other Essays

  • Such a vortex-ring is made by the smoker who purses his lips into a round hole and sends out a puff of smoke.

    The Unseen World, and Other Essays

  • The same observations apply to Professor Flint's theistic argument drawn from recent scientific speculations as to the vortex-ring construction of matter.

    A Candid Examination of Theism


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