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  • If you connect to an auxiliary port or via telnet (vty port) then you should use the terminal monitor command to direct debug messages to these ports.

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  • Remember that the commands no logging console and terminal no monitor are used only to prevent debug output from being displayed on the console, aux or vty ports respectively.

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  • Keep in mind that routers are able to log debug command outputs to the console, auxiliary and vty ports.

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  • :: / 0 Tunnel0!!!! control-plane!!!!!!!!!! line con 0 line aux 0 line vty 0 4 password 7 transport input ssh line vty 5 903 transport input ssh! ntp clock-period 17180644 ntp server source FastEthernet0 / 0 prefer! end

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  • A. to control vty access into a router B. to control broadcast traffic through a router C. to filter traffic as it passes through a router D. to filter traffic that originates from the router E. to replace passwords as a line of defense against security incursions Answer: A, C Question: 2 A default Frame Relay WAN is classified as what type of physical network?

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  • Use at least 768 bit Diffie-Hellman key. line vty 0 4 go in to vty configuration transport input ssh only permit SSH login

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  • Use at least 768 bit Diffie-Hellman key. line vty 0 4 go in to vty configuration

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  • By this kind of analysis ws are led to perceive, that the words belonging to t\ie first of these clafses, vty, thy, itc. cannot with propriety be called pro - nouns, seeing they do not come in the the place of uny noun whatever.

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  • Jonathan Daugherty announced a new version of vty-ui, featuring a richer rendering engine, generalized text transformations, and a more functional style. announced a new release candidate for darcs 2.4. iteratee-parsec 0.0.1 announced the release of iteratee-parsec, a library whih provides support for parsec parsers in an Iteratee monad. announced the release of concurrent-extra, which provides a few new synchronization primitives. announced wyvern, a Dragon Go Server 'client', which plays moves for you on the announced a new major release of the atom library. announced the call for copy for Monad.

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  • ! note: turning on authentication login will force you to login via radius to your vty and console ports so to turn off this feature use the following commands aaa authentication login console none line console 0 login authentication console line vty 0 4 login authentication console



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