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  • n. An obsolete form of woe.


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  • Alaila, ala ae la ua Makaula nei, e hooiho ana ka waa i Oahu nei.

    The Hawaiian Romance Of Laieikawai

  • Ia wanaao ana ae, loaa ia laua ka waa e holo ai i Lanai, a kau laua malaila a holo aku la, a ma Maunalei ko laua wahi i noho ai i kekahi mau la.

    The Hawaiian Romance Of Laieikawai

  • Hoohuli ae la na mea waa i ka waa i hope a holo i Oahu nei; ia manawa a ka waa e hoi hope nei, hoohuoi iho la ka Makaula i ka pa ana a ka makani ma kona papalina, no ka mea, ua maopopo ia ia kahi a ka makani i pa ai i ka holo ana mai Oahu aku nei manao iho la oia, ma kai mai ka makani e pa nei.

    The Hawaiian Romance Of Laieikawai

  • Ia Hulumaniani i halawai aku ai me Poloula, nonoi aku la oia i waa e holo ai i Oahu nei; alaila, haawiia mai la ka waa me na kanaka; ia po iho, i ka hiki ana o ka Hokuhookelewaa, haalele lakou ia Kauai, he umikumamalima ko lakou nui, hiki mua mai la lakou ma Kamaile, i Waianae.

    The Hawaiian Romance Of Laieikawai

  • When the father heard his voice he smiled; yes -- his shrunk, pale, withered face was lit up by a wild, indescribable ecstasy, whose startling expression waa borrowed, one would think, as much from the light of insanity as from that of returning consciousness.

    Fardorougha, The Miser The Works of William Carleton, Volume One

  • Renee got plenty of criticism for this, so Scott was determined to have the last word, which was "waa":

    Scott Baio Defends Wife's Anti-Lesbian Facebook Rant

  • Clotaire, in the mean time, thought that the heft me - rase had ben tor fome time entirely deprived of tbtit, mL thod of making Thierri keep hi* word waa to frier on power by their officers called meyefj by Pepin and hit few Grimaolde; while Ardaandnvi he accordingly did 1 and Thierri no fooner heard of hi* and Ebroin did the fame in Neuftriu and Burgnady. having done So, than he fent him a menage requiring On the reunion of Neoftria and Burgnady to the rrt him to withdraw hi* forces, and, in cafe of hit rtfufii, of the French dominion*, tbh mi rafter ruled whh foe*. declared war.

    Encyclopædia britannica;

  • September 17th, 2009 7: 02 pm ET waa waa waa ..... it will wind up being no reform at all ... no public option and more no bid contracts to the same people that ALWAYS profit off the backs of everybody else.

    Grassley: 'I kinda resent' White House over health care reform

  • Speaking as a civvie, maybe some of the reasons for wanting to join the police are: driving around flashing your lights and making waa waa noises in a police car, duffing up the general public at demos, claiming large amounts on overtime and retiring at around what 45 on a generous pension. on February 12, 2010 at 5: 14 pm MPS Probie

    We Are So Unpopular That Everyone Wants To Join SHOCK! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • More protesters try to arrest Karl Rove (I suggest he starts touring around with a sound technician to play a waa waa waaaaaaa effect every time this happens)

    News catchup


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