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  • n. One who, or that which, waggles.
  • n. A float consisting of a thin tube of plastic with a line threaded through an eye at the bottom.


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waggle +‎ -er


  • Leonard Bernstein was a fabulous stick-waggler, but he was well aware that if he didn't do his musical homework, nobody in the New York Philharmonic would give him a second glance.

    You, Too, Can Be a Conductor

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    Just Me, prattling on

  • The second piece of big news was the sale of the 50 millionth Wii, a feat that makes Nintendo's waggler the

    Voodoo Extreme

  • They turned the florescent lights off when I stepped up to the line and fired on the neons and the black-lights and the dance floor wiggy-waggler-lazer show.

  • Later, the finger-waggler -- who wasn't even in the subsequent hand -- called the clock on Saul after he had been thinking for less than two minutes.

    PokerStars Poker Blog

  • Alan Campbell chose to fish waggler with hemp and tares, taking 9.4.0 of roach for second, while Terry Woodwood was third with another net of seed-caught roach weighing 8.12.0.


  • He put two chub on the scales using waggler and maggot for a winning 8.3.0.


  • Once again, we see that Wii Music is in the eye of the beholder … or the hand of the waggler. Podcast


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