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  • n. Something that is easy and presents no difficulties, especially an easily won sports contest.
  • n. A horserace with only one horse entered, won by the mere formality of walking the length of the track.
  • n. A gymnastic feat in which the body is bent forward or backward from an upright position, the hands are placed on the floor, and the legs are arced one after the other over the hands to finish in a standing position.

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  • n. An easy victory; a walkaway.
  • n. A bye or victory awarded to a competitor when a scheduled opponent fails to play a game.
  • n. A horse race with only one entrant.
  • n. Someone easy to defeat.
  • n. A backbend combined with a handstand.
  • n. A type of railroad passenger car seat, having reversible seat backs that can be moved across the seat to face either direction of travel


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  • I get nervous everytime the idea of a Welsh walkover is mentioned or implied.

    Jonathan Davies has a blog

  • Hiestand: Even in walkover, Tiger gives CBS big ratings boost.

  • Because he says that they were both shot at the shoreline, and then he dragged his wife -- they both were shot at that point -- he dragged her up to the walkover, which is where you would walk over to get back to the highway.

    CNN Transcript Jun 13, 2006

  • "From the first day of spring training to where we are now, nothing about this season has been easy or in any remote sense would be called a walkover," Scioscia said.

    The Seattle Times

  • True, we did not know all this, but if any man on that ground besides Wood and Howard expected a "walkover" his must have been a singularly hopeful disposition.

    The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Volume 1

  • Wigan won't be any kind of walkover, I don't suppose any game is when you've got the jittery Almunia behind Sylvester, but we've got to go out and rise to the challenge.

    Irish Blogs

  • The Congress today gifted Sushma Swaraj a "walkover" in the Vidisha seat as the nomination papers of the party's candidate were rejected by the collector.

    The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) - Frontpage

  • Motion capture instruments and videos of the sessions also helped to document slip outcomes ( "skate-over", "walkover" or "loss of balance") and falls.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • Not unexpectedly, more and more of these "walkover"

    The Online Citizen

  • Mr.. Thatcher's stubborn certitude was on display repeatedly in her 11 years as prime minister: during the anxious days of the Falklands War (we tend to forget that it was not a "walkover"); at the height of the government's showdown with the National Union of Mineworkers; in the early stage of her government's laissez-faire policies, when they produced higher unemployment; and in the final years of the Cold War, when she showed unswerving public loyalty to Mr. Reagan.

    Never Wobbly


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