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  • A third wall was taken up with a stereo console and a wall-screen television.


  • He dimmed the lights and switched a graphic onto the wall-screen behind him: a binary system, the elliptical figure-eight of the planet's orbit encircling two nearly identical suns.

    Oberheim (Voices)

  • Zimbardo strolled over to the wall-screen that provided a map of the

    The Runaway Asteroid

  • The wall-screen went blank, and the light in the little room brightened slowly.


  • Pilch was silent for some moments again, considering the wall-screen as if thinking about something connected with it.


  • They went through a series of lifts, portals and passages, and wound up in a small and softly lit room with a small desk, a very large couch, a huge wall-screen, and assorted gadgetry.


  • As all three prisoners stared at the wall-screen, upon which was pictured a huge football of scarred grey steel, Czuv was amazed to see the faces of Breckenridge and King light up with fierce smiles of pleasure and anticipation.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • As that irresistible bolt touched the Vorkulian wall-screen, the spot of contact flared instantaneously through the spectrum and into the black beyond the violet as that screen overloaded locally.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • In the same fleeting instant of time every molecule of substance in that beam's path flashed into tenuous vapor -- no conceivable material could resist or impede that stabbing stiletto of energy -- and the main control panel of the Vorkulian wall-screen system vanished.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • Thus the prow was welded; armored, insulating air-breaks were built along the stern, which was the plane of hexan cleavage, electrical connections were restored; and lastly, a set of the great Vorkulian wall-screen generators, absorbers, and dissipators was installed, with sufficient accumulator capacity for their operation.

    Spacehounds of IPC


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