from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Affected with exotropia.
  • adj. Having large bulging eyes, as some fish.
  • adj. Having eyes wide-open and glaring, as in anger.
  • adj. Having an eye with a light-colored iris or white or opaque cornea.
  • adj. Slang Intoxicated; drunk.

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  • adj. having eyes with a pale coloured iris
  • adj. having eyes of different colour
  • adj. suffering from exotropia
  • adj. having bulging eyes


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English wawileyed, from Old Norse vagl-eygr : vagl, film over the eye; + auga, eye.


  • And I'd like to tell you one story about a student of mine who was walleyed, that is she had one eye that looked straight and the other eye that turned out.

    Do You See What I See? A Scientist's Journey Into 3-D

  • Essentially, they've taken that smallish gaggle of walleyed concern-trolls, mixed in a clueless academic and added a heaping helping of straw-men to contend that Jon Stewart will utterly destroy his brand by staging a comedy show for people.

    Politico Has Concerns About Rally To Restore Sanity For Some Reason

  • The walleyed and ungainly Mr. Kirchner couldn't have been more of a contrast to his wife, who was known among their classmates as one of the most beautiful students, as well as one of the brightest.

    Behind the Scenes of Argentina's Power Couple

  • Yes | No | Report from walleyed antlerman wrote 36 weeks 6 days ago

    Shed Hunting

  • It turned out I wanted nothing more than to sit around talking to walleyed kids about who was the greatest disabled player in sports history.

    'The Four Fingers of Death'

  • More commonly, if the eye or eyes look toward the nose (cross-eyed) or look toward the side (walleyed), a pediatric ophthalmologist (not an optometrist) needs to evaluate the problem.

    You Raising Your Child

  • Ol 'Ronnie set the stage for the wave of irrational neanderthals and walleyed feebs who, able to regurgitate hallowed bygone maxims and ooze five-and-dime patriotism, are gaining favor among the current oxygen-deprived electorate.

    Steven Weber: Dumbo Is an Elephant

  • Consciously oblivious adults fingered their cash or ogled the white fish hoping they'd jump out of their walleyed deaths and bite one of the snickering, premature ejaculators on the ass.

    Peter Mehlman: Numerology: A New York Memory

  • Appropriately, his portraits pay homage not only to Anthony Van Dyck and the great Venetians Titian and Veronese, but also to a peculiar gem of the Medici collection in Florence, Raphael's portrait of his fat, walleyed friend Tommaso Inghirami, a brilliant actor and orator whom Raphael presents, because he can, with one eye fixed on heaven and one on earth, the very picture of inspiration.

    A Silly, Very Cultured Club

  • Though you wouldn't know it from the perennial hysteria about games turning kids into walleyed, anti-social zombies, videogames were originally a social pursuit, because the best games were available only in arcades, and those places were as convivial as Irish pubs.

    Frag With a Friend for Ultimate Fun


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