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  • adj. comparative form of wan: more wan


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  • Yep, we did — if peeps gunna wanner in an maek unplezzint remarks, iz gud tu at leest gno it.

    Can’t sleep… - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Were the predators making a comeback because Acorus was returning to a wanner climate?

    Cadmian's Choice

  • Within moments, taking advantage of the thermals over the wanner water off the coast, Falyna and the pteridon were high enough that Dramuria looked like a toy village below.

    Alector's Choice

  • The hot engine ticked, and even in the shade and through the tinted glass, the reflected sun was fierce; he could feel the car getting wanner even though he'd just shut the AC off.

    State Of War

  • On top of Mt. Pughole a little breeze was stirring, but the current was wanner, instead of cooler, than the surrounding air.


  • I than the outside room, its atmosphere was con side wanner.

    A Man Called Jesse

  • It was wanner than she liked melon, half honeydew, half cantaloupe, but sweet and refreshing.

    The Soprano Sorceress

  • They said it was time to put on some wanner clothes, and the sounds I heard was them trying to get the new clothes on.


  • As soon as she left the tubeway that had taken her from the airport, Aleka Kame realized she needed a wanner garment than she had brought along.

    The Stars Are Also Fire

  • They stand by the porch, where a wanner breeze blows in from the south, a wind warm enough that, under the midmorning sun, the snow has melted into a layer of slush barely covering the toes of Dorrin's boots.

    The Magic Engineer


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