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  • Of course not, that would quite ruin the BBC "narrative" of evil war-loving Israelis and good peaceful Palestinians.

    Fatah Publishes List of Hamas Attacks

  • As war-loving Rome hungrily gobbled its way through the Mediterranean, Egypt lost one neighbor after another.

    Stacy Schiff's new biography of "Cleopatra," reviewed by Maria Arana

  • Do you republicans understand that you come off as racist, religious fundamental, war-loving, zombie minded fanatics?

    Citing 'productive' G8, Obama heads to Africa with a message

  • Crockett was born in 1786, Scots-Irish, a descendant of the impoverished, raucous, land-hungry, war-loving tribe that had swarmed into America in the 1700s in a horde far outnumbering the Puritans or Quakers or Cavaliers of Virginia—2½ times as many as all the others combined.

    An Inexplicable Gift for Fame

  • This is just a big money-grab for those war-loving Democrats and their supporters, the military-industrial complex!

    Senate passes defense spending bill

  • Podhoretz's Commentary Magazine convened a "symposium" of some of the nation's most typical war-loving neocons to discuss his new book, and virtually everyone of them argued that American Jews should shift their political loyalties to the Right because the Right is "better for Israel" -- as though considerations of what's best for a foreign country is how most American Jews (rather than just neocons) decide how they vote in American elections.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • And yet, a pro-death-penalty, war-loving preacher can slice and dice that commandment faster than Pitchman Vince on the Slap Chop.

    Bible Vs. Quran: The Evolution Of Violence In Religion

  • "Because of the South Korean war-loving, mad puppets and American invaders, the North and South relationship is being driven to a catastrophe," Choi Yong Rim, secretary of the North Korean Workers Party in Pyongyang, told the crowd.

    China Avoids Backing Sanctions For NKorea

  • I wonder if this new group of protesters, these gun-carrying, hate-spewing, war-loving tea-baggers, is getting the same kind of scrutiny from our law enforcement agencies at every level.

    Tea Party Email Warns Members: Beware Liberal Trolls Like Rachel Maddow

  • Democrats and liberals so fear the war-loving right that they believe they must have their own adventures.

    Stanley Kutler: The March of Obama's Empire


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