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  • noun A horse of any of various breeds having a moderate build and mild temperament, originally developed by crossing draft horses with Arabians or Thoroughbreds, and often used for dressage and jumping.
  • adjective Relating to or having the characteristics of a warmblood.

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  • noun A middle-weight classification of horses, between draught horses and thoroughbreds


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[Translation of German Warmblut : warm, warm + Blut, blood (from the fact that warmblood horses are livelier than draft horses but less excitable than Arabians and Thoroughbreds).]

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From German Warmblut


  • But Ms. Butterfield nursed the Danish warmblood back to health with icing, rest and short walks.

    Turning Her Love for a Horse Into a Work of Art

  • Hey now, maybe Michael is a warmblood stallion who passed his inspection with flying colors, thanks to his great conformation!

    Say What?

  • Her voice rose; the owner of the warmblood gave her a disgusted look, clucked to her horse, and led him away from the crazy woman shouting ringside.

    In Gordath Wood: Writer Patrice Sarath » Deleted Scenes — The lost original beginning to Gordath Wood

  • Liz hopes this little guy, being part warmblood will be a little less "track ready."

    Gracie's baby thoroughbred

  • Gracie's baby, part thoroughbred, part warmblood courtesy Popeye K (well not courtesy maybe, I'm quite sure Popeye K was well remunerated for his services) was born 12:08 Saturday (29-3-08) morning.

    Gracie's baby thoroughbred

  • Meanwhile, a dressage instructor that I saw get dumped by a fiesty warmblood when she was 72 just earned her Century award from the US Dressage Association whatever the official title of the dang thing is these days, the Olympic folks keep playing with it.

    TLC and Other Stuff « Whatever

  • I had seldom felt so alien: the only warmblood in a room full of animated dead creatures.

    All Together Dead

  • Francesco, however, was not easily put off, as you can imagine by the fact that you are still reading this, and eventually our devotedYes fanatic managed to jury-rig the most monstrous stereophonic monstrosity ever to hang off the flanks of a sturdy European warmblood.

    Horse-O-Phonic 8-track saddlebag system « raincoaster

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    A Day Off from everything

  • Years later, after Lamaze won the Olympics with Hickstead, part of Berger's job was to finally get Hickstead approved to make it into the Dutch warmblood stud book.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed


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