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  • adj. Alternative spelling of warm-blooded.


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  • These are warmblooded, frequently up-tempo, bluesy alt-rock tracks propelled by curious devices: an omnipresent Autoharp; a sampling of Niney the Observer's reggae obscurity "Blood and Fire" on "Written on the Forehead".

    Album review: PJ Harvey, "Let England Shake"

  • It has a mixture of both mammalian (fur, warmblooded, etc) and reptilian (lays eggs)traits.

    Casey Luskin embarrasses himself again - The Panda's Thumb

  • Last year James Farlow of Indiana University-Purdue suggested that dinosaurs 'metabolism may have varied by season: warmblooded in winter and coldblooded in summer.

    New Theories And Old Bones Reveal The Lifestyle Of The Dinosaur

  • Penn's Dodson, for one, argues that if the big sauropods were warmblooded, "they would have had to stay out of the midday sun to keep from suffering meltdown": sunshine plus its huge internal furnace would have given the beast heat prostration.

    New Theories And Old Bones Reveal The Lifestyle Of The Dinosaur

  • It's not, and Earl's mistake is the essence of "Dinosaurs," a sometimes heavy-handed but mostly warmblooded sitcom beginning April 26 on ABC.

    A Megalosaurus Hit?

  • Remarkable results, no doubt, but does resveratrol work in warmblooded furry animals?

    Can We Slow Aging?

  • And the new findings might help settle a long-running debate about whether dinosaurs were warmblooded, coldblooded—or both.

    The Speculist: June 2006 Archives

  • She might easily have passed for his sister, so young and good-looking she still was, so joyous, so warmblooded, so clever.

    The Road Leads On

  • Admittedly, the six hundred thousand who had perished had been aliens, but they had been intelligent and warmblooded like the Unop-Patha.


  • Reproduction among warmblooded mammals gives rise to variations in form, not uniformity.



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