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  • Theoretical entities, rather, are those entities we warrantedly believe to exist for good and sufficient theoretical reasons.

    Wilfrid Sellars

  • Dewey, following C.S. Peirce, regarded truth as the ideal limit of scientific inquiry (Dewey 1938, 345), and a proposition warrantedly asserted when known in virtue of such an inquiry.


  • Thus, in a sense, the political views Hook supported were judged to be warrantedly assertable, and those he rejected not to be warrantedly assertable, on the basis of empirical evidence at the current state of inquiry, that is, of contemporaneous debate.

    Sidney Hook

  • Dewey proposed to avoid the substantive term “truth” and to identify those propositions in the course of inquiry which could be deemed to be, at that particular stage of inquiry, “warrantedly assertable.”

    Sidney Hook

  • It could be, after all, that if the deep fact of identity is missing, there just are no other relations of significance that could warrantedly be put in its stead, so all that remains would be merely the basic atomic moments of people's lives.

    Personal Identity and Ethics

  • If the standards for when one is in a position to warrantedly assert that P are the same as those that constitute a truth condition for ˜I know that P,™ then if the former vary with context, so do the latter.

    Epistemic Contextualism

  • Take both rationally acceptable 'and legitimately' as warrantedly ': then is the argument a good one?

    Warranted Christian Belief

  • If we are to locate a respectable objection, then, it looks as if we must specify legitimately 'to warrantedly'.

    Warranted Christian Belief

  • There seem to be three salient possibilities: claim truthfully, claim justifiably, and claim warrantedly.

    Warranted Christian Belief

  • Here we are speaking of the properties the thing in question has, not about our abilities or lack thereof to know or warrantedly believe something or other about its properties.

    Warranted Christian Belief


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