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  • n. The day set apart in a household for clothes-washing.


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  • I mean, I'm sure if I looked under the cushions here at the hacienda or started rolling the coins in the fifty-five gallon drums I use to hold my wash-day pocket change, I could come up with a million or two.

    Random thoughts from a Disordered Mind.

  • By mid-morning, it was all washed and wrung dry and hanging up in the garden, and Eleanor was scrubbing the kitchen floor, exactly as she usually did on wash-day, though it wasn't often that she was done this early.

    Phoenix And Ashes

  • Sarah, Margherita and Elizabeth chattered away like a trio of old gossips on wash-day, while Marina ate until she couldn't eat any more, feeling completely hollow after all her exertion.

    The Gates Of Sleep

  • Molly had no idea whether he cared about wash-day challenges, and she knew he had already done most of his gift shopping for Michael, so maybe this class was of limited interest to him.

    Father Christmas

  • The two ladies even instituted "wash-day," and when a number of garments were hung on lines to dry, the camp looked like some summer colony of pleasure-seekers, out for a holiday.

    Tom Swift and His Wireless Message: or, the castaways of Earthquake island

  • "Well, for one thing -- wash-day doesn't make you irritable, as it used to do," I said.

    Paula the Waldensian

  • This was a dish Margaret used to make on wash-day and house-cleaning day, and such times when everybody was busy and no one wanted to stop and go to market to buy anything for luncheon.

    A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl

  • He says there was always tripe for Sunday mornings, and corned beef and cabbage on Mondays, and Monday was wash-day!

    The Tin Soldier

  • The clothes were not laundered each week, but were saved up often for several weeks or even a month or two, and then came a wash-day frolic.

    History of California

  • Elinor busied herself serving the wash-day dessert into china saucers.

    The Motor Maids at Sunrise Camp


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