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  • Mass mortality also occurred among macroalgae and benthic invertebrates on oiled shores from a combination of chemical toxicity, smothering, and physical displacement from the habitat by pressurized wash-water applied after the spill.

    Exxon Valdez oil spill

  • Some people use a second bucket of plain water for rinsing out their mop or sponge before reinserting it in the wash-water solution.


  • The Federal Trade Commission is considering changing care label rules to permit the use of such terms as “cool” and “lukewarm” to describe wash-water temperatures.


  • The following maximum wash-water temperatures are suggested (I have converted from centigrade to Fahrenheit): (1) White linen without special finishes, 200°F.


  • If you were running a food-serving establishment and wanted to sanitize dishes and utensils in the dishwasher, the 1999 Food Code would require that your machine first wash them with proper detergents or other cleaning chemicals, using a wash-water temperature of 150° to 165°F, depending upon the type of machine.


  • Sodium carbonate, which is often added to commercial bleaches, increases the alkalinity of the wash-water solution.


  • Because ordinary laundry detergents all create an alkaline wash-water solution, wool should be washed with special detergents.


  • He threw away his wash-water, and set off down the road with a high brass jug, to fetch clean water from the spring that trickled into a small pool, taking a cup to dip it with.

    The Virgin and the Gypsy

  • Sudsy wash-water had been emptied in a corner of the yard, paving the area with soap-bubble cobblestones that glimmered in the morning sun.

    Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates

  • In Japanese households, toilets that allow you to program the temperature and pressure of the wash-water spray some Japanese avoid toilet paper altogether because they find it too dirty as well as the temperature of the toilet seat have become standard.

    Experiential Marketing


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