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  • n. Plural form of wasp.


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  • Once inside, the female wasps pollinate the stigmata in each fig. Some females will also succeed in laying eggs inside the fig. About a month later, by which time the seeds are full-size, the next generation of male wingless wasps is born.

    Did You Know? Most "bark paper" comes from wild fig trees

  • Perhaps a compo with the most humourous shape of napalm* jelly covered in burning wasps is in order.

    Bug Off!

  • i think the plants attracting certain wasps that kill the caterpillars that feed off of it is interesting as well can anyone tell me if its true or send me a link talking about it

    Kevin's Review: The Happening - A Different, But Familiar, Shyamalan «

  • It’s been a few years now, and the memory of the last time lingers on, but I’m aware that my reaction to wasps is entirely irrational.

    Waspish « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog

  • It turns out that there are certain species of orchids that have evolved in such a way that they mimic or resemble female wasps 'most important features (in the opinion of male wasps, that is).

    Orchids Use Wasps for One Night Stands

  • The wasps were a problem here last month, now, unfortunately, it's the flies.

    Monday is Wash Day

  • It is in the nature of the wasp to attain to effective maturity before the domestic fowl — and in fact of all the creatures that were — through the generous carelessness of the Skinners — partaking of the benefits Mr. Bensington heaped upon his hens, the wasps were the first to make any sort of figure in the world.

    The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth

  • The wasps are a natural predator to the borer in their native Asia. rss feed

  • Tonight, we see the development of kangaroos, penguins, sharks, and wasps, which is so much cooler than looking at cutesy mammals.

  • I found out later that the others had been poking sticks and stuff down the hole and the wasps were a bit upset about receiving that sort of treatment and wanted to tell whoever it was to stop. Recent Updates


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