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  • n. A valve that diverts exhaust gases.


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waste +‎ gate


  • Mercedes With computer-controlled wastegate valves, variable valve timing on intake and output sides, and a host of other technologies to lighten and quicken the reciprocation, the new " biturbo " unit can generate 536 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque.

    Olympian Acceleration

  • The older wastegate turbochargers used a very simple mechanism to control the flow of air.

    Honeywell's Adriane Brown

  • Except when you have a particular high stress and high temperature use in mind attaching a wastegate flange to a turbine housing, 1700F operating temperature, at which point you realize all the selections in the store are substandard and differ only in the coatings theyhave.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Do Markets Give Us Too Many Choices?

  • Every time you shift, the wastegate on the turbocharger closes briefly and it sounds like a muffled Formula One racer - music to the ears of any self-respecting gearhead.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • The wastegate valve, which reduces the pressure in the exhaust system during negative load changes, is vacuum-controlled via an electropneumatic converter.

    Top Speed

  • You hear the wastegate gasping, and once i get into 3rd/4th gear you hear it the most.


  • It has a vf39 w/external wastegate and other supporting mods, and once i give it gas in 2nd gear it feels like its choking and not getting enough air or something.


  • Join Date: Jul 2009 my friend wants to sell me his 50 trim turbo, tial 44mm wastegate, dump tube, and up pipe for $1150. is that a good price for all those? the parts have about 5000 miles on them.


  • The wastegate comes with new air fittings and a new fire ring.


  • I replaced it while diagnosing a boost problem that ended up not being the wastegate.



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