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  • v. To dilute; to add water
  • v. To make weaker.
  • v. To simplify or oversimplify; to make easier; to make less difficult.
  • v. To make less restrictive; to make more lenient.

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  • v. thin by adding water to
  • v. make less strong or intense


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  • Actually he was having a wonderful time, for the wine was flowing down his throat like water down the Aqua Marcia, and his capacity to guzzle was as phenomenal as his strength.

    The First Man in Rome

  • Verin said, and Beldeine's dirty hands jerked, splashing water down the sides of the cup.

    The Path of Daggers

  • I got Mrs Spears-she's the owner of Midhurst-I got her to agree we sink a bore at Willow Creek, that's about flowing over thirty thousand gallons a day; it's going to make twenty miles south-east of the homestead, to get water down at that end in the dry, and we got a bonza bore, we did.

    A Town Like Alice

  • Swahili possessing a rich store of equivalents, I do not presume to water down the skipper's raunchy language.

    the mission song

  • The dam burst at 3: 45 A.M., dumping tons of water down the mountainside, washing out sections of Hawk's Nest Drive, and destroying homes on the drive as well as certain commercial buildings on Center Street and at Five Points.

    The Cat Who Moved A Mountain

  • Back at USUN, I immediately called Crouch and Joseph, and we agreed not to water down our draft resolution—which essentially prohibited all missile-related sales to and from North Korea—to satisfy China and Russia.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • However, he was rarely asked as a guest to the parties where he entertained with his strongman act, for when the wine flowed down his throat like water down the Aqua Marcia, Hercules Atlas became very aggressive and bad-tempered.

    The First Man in Rome

  • The floor-to-ceiling double front doors with carved angels, pineapples, and frosted glass, several inches thick, open onto a parlor with a brass and ivory-cushioned sitting bench, a pair of thick oak end tables, and a miniature glass chandelier hanging low over a stairway with a grooved balustrade, channeling running water down into an iron chalice littered with fresh rose petals.

    The Madonnas of Echo Park

  • Patches of snow, blackened by soot sifting out from the many fires, sent muddy runnels of water down the slope adding their small measure to the drenching downpour that swelled the icelocked channel.

    The Clan of the Cave Bear

  • The steel cylinder, shaped like a miniature samovar, holds two or three litres; you punch a piston plug upwards with the back of one of your hands to let the water down as you wash them.



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