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  • n. A dog accustomed to or delighting in the water, or trained to go into the water in pursuit of game, as a water-spaniel.
  • n. One of various kinds of large salamanders; a mud-puppy. See axolotl, Menopoma, and cut under hellbender. Also water-puppy.
  • n. A small, irregular, floating cloud in a rainy season, supposed to indicate rain.
  • n. A sailor, especially an old sailor; a salt; one thoroughly accustomed to life in and on the water.


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  • Today, Xolotl's name is still linked to dogs in zoological nomenclature, though only very indirectly - sharing it with the axolotl, a form of aquatic Mexican salamander, whose larval form is reminiscent of a dog and hence is sometimes referred to as a water-dog.

    Deities of the Canine Kind

  • According to the water-dog club, the dogs, considered sacred in pre-Christian times, require regular and extensive grooming, need a lot of exercise, think independently and, as puppies, can bite.

    Breeders Tell Fans of Water Dogs: Keep Your Paws Off

  • And so they would have succeeded perfectly, as they always do, only that (as they also always do) they failed in one little particular, viz. that the dog would not die, being a water-dog, but bit their fingers so abominably that they were forced to let him go, and Tom likewise, as British subjects.

    The Water Babies

  • Why, after he had kicked and coughed a little, he sneezed so hard, that he sneezed himself clean out of his skin, and turned into a water-dog, and jumped and danced round Tom, and ran over the crests of the waves, and snapped at the jelly-fish and the mackerel, and followed Tom the whole way to the

    The Water Babies

  • He had, when we left Talisker, two greyhounds, two terriers, a pointer, and a large Newfoundland water-dog.

    Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides

  • Of the Digitigrada there are the otter or water-dog, the musang and climbing musang, the civet cat, the royal tiger, the spotted black tiger, in whose glossy raven-black coat the characteristic markings are seen in certain lights; the tiger cat, the leopard, the Java cat, and four or five others.

    The Golden Chersonese and the way thither

  • He had some Labrador in his mongrel ancestry, and enjoyed pretending that he was a water-dog.

    So Close and No Closer

  • Dick, who was a regular water-dog, saw the big wave coming and, as it rolled the dingy over, he sank for a moment beneath the surface till the wave had passed, then came up with all his senses alert.

    Dick in the Everglades

  • They saw the black cat swimming about in the lake, and Snap, who was a fine water-dog, was paddling toward her.

    The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat

  • Abner was a native of the shore, and spoke in the peculiar dialect of the uneducated Southerner; but as a water-dog he knew no superior, and it is this quality that Uncle Sam looks for when making up his crews to man the life-saving stations that dot the whole coast from Maine to

    Darry the Life Saver The Heroes of the Coast


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