water-insoluble love



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  • adj. not soluble in water


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  • Adipocere, otherwise known as grave wax or mortuary wax, is a water-insoluble material consisting mostly of saturated fatty acids.

    A Bit of Soap

  • Any of a heterogeneous group of fats and fatlike substances characterized by being water-insoluble.

    Alagille Syndrome Glossary

  • Slow-release fertilizers contain water-insoluble nitrogen, making them suitable for early-fall applications.

    Tip of the Day: Fertilize your lawn this fall

  • Waterproof articles are made of or coated with a continuous layer of some water-insoluble material such as plastic, rubber, vinyl resins, and the like; thus they are impermeable to air as well as water.


  • The nonpolar ends of these surfactant molecules form a kind of circle-barrier around a droplet of oil in water, with their water-insoluble ends next to the oil and the water-soluble ends away from it.


  • Through all this processing the water-insoluble oils stay largely in the rind.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • This is exactly what emulsifiers like lecithin and proteins do, and for the same reason that they stabilize oil droplets in emulsions: they have a water-soluble portion that rests in the bubble wall, and a water-insoluble portion that rests in the air.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • Preliminary stains contain tan-like compounds, stains for the second coating contain various metal salts for low-tanniferous wood; apply the second coating of stain only after the preliminary stain has dried; stains are water-insoluble and resistant to light wax staining solutions of metal salts, dyestuffs and wax additives ready for use for all wood species, not in furniture construction, mat finish effect due to wax portion

    12. Surface Treatment of Wood

  • Blood is a water-based mixture of various cells, simple chemicals, and special proteins that carry complex or water-insoluble chemicals.

    The New Super-Nutrition

  • Primarily as a consequence of the high cost of enzyme isolation and the sensitivity of enzymes to denaturation, technology has been developed for the immobilization of enzymes onto water-insoluble supports (3).

    Chapter 11


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