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  • n. A device for the propulsion of vessels consisting of a jet of water expelled forcibly from the stern.
  • n. A boring-apparatus using a jet of water from a nozle at high velocity, for excavating holes in soft earth or removing soil from the face of a bluff or bank. The flowing water erodes the loosened earth, and the latter flows away as silt suspended in the water. Used in hydraulic mining. When used for boring vertical holes it may also be called a wash-drill (which see).


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  • For added safety, an engine kill switch wristband similar to those on water-jet vehicle s is worn by the rider during operation.

    Personal Hover Scooter

  • With its bubble dome and tubular ballast tanks on either side, the two-man Aquapod was not unlike a small helicopter, an impression enhanced by the multidirectional water-jet propulsion system which gave it even greater agility than its counterpart in the air.

    Crusader Gold

  • This is my design theory for a high volume and high pressure water-jet that will throw foreign objects away from the intake instead of fouling the impeller stack.

    Think Progress » Pat Robertson: I’m ‘A Convert’ On Global Warming, ‘It Is Getting Hotter’

  • The Niger, after running northward as far as that city, sweeps around, like an immense water-jet from some fountain, and falls into the Atlantic in a broad sheaf.

    Five Weeks in a Balloon

  • The air-collection system can be designed using a water-jet pump

    3.1 Bricked brattice, bricked duct

  • The whiteness or the refractoriness of such clays may still make it profitable to mine them. commercial kaolin mine: In some commercial kaolin mines, clay is extracted by washing the clay face in an open kaolin pit with a high-pressure water-jet.

    Chapter 7

  • This type of looms includes air-jet and water-jet looms.

    Chapter 6

  • This procedure, in turn, would set up a siphoning action through a central tube -- in effect, creating a small but powerful water-jet motor.

    Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung

  • Tom was pinned helplessly against the wall of the tank by the powerful water-jet exhaust!

    Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung

  • The pile was then rotated backwards and forwards about a quarter of a turn, by men pulling on the arms; the pile, of course, sank by its own weight, the water-jet driving the sand up through the hollow centre and into the trench, and it was always kept vertical by the sling from the derrick.

    The Sewerage of Sea Coast Towns


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