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  • n. In Australia, a tree of the family Proteaceæ, Hakea leucoptera, so called from the fact that in the arid districts which it frequents good drinking water may be obtained from its fleshy roots. It yields a soft, coarse-grained wood. Called also needle-bush and pin-bush. See needle-bush.
  • n. See Tetracera.


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  • Jets of the songful ascending silvery-bright water-tree

    Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith

  • When she got close to it, she discovered that it was a water-tree -- made of just such water as she washed with -- only it was alive of course, like the river -- a different sort of water from that, doubtless, seeing the one crept swiftly along the floor, and the other shot straight up, and fell, and swallowed itself, and rose again.

    Stephen Archer and Other Tales


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