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  • Perfectly transparent, as water; limpid and colorless.


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  • Stir in the fragrance oil (remember to test for yellowing; the goal is to get a fragrance that stays water-white clear)

    Embedded Ducky Soap - Project Instructions

  • Silk took the squat, water-white drink from the tray and sipped.

    Nightside The Long Sun

  • It has a slightly yellowish color but is easily made water-white by heating or by a simple filtration through fuller's earth.

    1 Introduction and Summary

  • Anketam thought of the bottle in his own cupboard -- plain, translucent plastic, filled with the water-white liquor rationed out from the commissary -- and he suddenly felt very backwards and countryish.

    The Destroyers

  • Hydrogen peroxide is sold as a water-white liquid, without any odour or taste.

    The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics

  • The _Skylark_ lay stretched out over two miles of country, exactly as they had last seen her, but now, instead of being water-white, the ten-thousand-foot cruiser of the void was one jointless, seamless structure of sparkling, transparent, purple inoson.

    Skylark Three

  • "GRAS" - generally regarded as safe and suited for any home or foodservice kitchen use (in either water-white liquid or snow-white solid form) especially in low-to-medium heat cooking, baking, sautéing or garnishing vegetable salads

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  • By first cold-press, the Manila VirginFlo method retains the natural fresh coconut phytonutrients, as evidenced by its light sweetish taste and aroma, with its crystalline water-white color, non-greasy fluid, and free of sediment and rancidity.

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  • “The dark glee, the savage ferocity aroused by the possession of a few water-white pebbles, set me shuddering.


  • a stagecoach engraved around the chamber; queer, tiny shells of some long gone fresh-water snail; bits of yellow pottery, their edges worn smooth and round by the water; to say nothing of birds 'nests, villages of ugly water-white scorpions; and lizards, from the tiny ones that change their color, chameleonlike, to "racers" well over a foot long.

    The New Boy at Hilltop


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