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  • n. The highest part of a wave or the line along the top of a wave.


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  • They cut away, and the Rose, released from the strain, shook her feathers on the wave-crest like a freed sea-gull, while all men held their breaths.

    Westward Ho!

  • Oh! no, no! Then he saw, out in the gloom and mistiness, the white gleaming of a wave-crest, rising and sinking, but sweeping steadily toward him, and knew that it would dash upon his narrow foothold.

    Culm Rock The Story of a Year: What it Brought and What it Taught

  • Now and then a curling wave-crest hid even her topmasts.

    Cap'n Abe, Storekeeper

  • An occasional wave-crest buried the boys to the waist.

    Jim Spurling, Fisherman or Making Good

  • Gulf of Georgia into petty convulsions, lay where he had fallen, his head rolling as his vessel rolled, heedless when she rose and raced on a wave-crest or fell laboring in the trough when a wave slid out from under her.

    Poor Man's Rock

  • An unusually large breaker for so mild a surf curled overhead, and he climbed out on her again, sinking both of them under as the wave-crest over-fell and smashed down.

    The Kanaka Surf

  • Upon her vitality at the time, and the general health of the woman, the length of each desire-period, or, as we might say, the size and complexity of each wave-crest, depends.

    Married Love: or, Love in Marriage

  • The increased vitality is shown by the height and number of the apices of this wave-crest.

    Married Love: or, Love in Marriage

  • The one comes on the two or three days just before menstruation: the other after; but after menstruation has ceased there is a nearly level interval, bringing the next wave-crest to the two or three days which come about eight or nine days after the close of menstruation, that is, just round the fourteen days, or half the moon month, since the last wave-crest.

    Married Love: or, Love in Marriage

  • The effects of fatigue, which reduces the vital energy, even in a normal, strongly sexed woman, can be seen on chart II, where at a the intermediate wave-crest is very much reduced.

    Married Love: or, Love in Marriage


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