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  • n. Plural form of wavelength.


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  • Part of my job as a statistical field and stress analyzer meant that I needed to see in wavelengths that other people could not.

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  • The visible spectrum operates in wavelengths that have no effects to people (since they are light) whilst the arguments against cellphones, Wi-Fi and cellphone mast radiation is building to a point that medical effects are being looked into and people becoming extremely concerned.

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  • Fluorescent colours are produced by cells responding to certain wavelengths of light hitting them - causing the cell to emit its own light on a different wavelength, which creates a different colour.

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  • It is not the sound of voices that we hear in wavelengths on the air, but the straining of our own minds and perhaps even hearts to comprehend the pains, sorrows, joys and loves of someone who is fundamentally different from us.

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  • Although a black hole by definition gives off no light, the gas swirling around and into it does, giving off radiation at many wavelengths from the radio through the optical and into the x-ray.

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  • These programmed materials change shape when struck by light at certain wavelengths and return to their original shapes when exposed to light of specific different wavelengths.

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  • Thus Michelson's research has first of all prepared the way for the measurement of the value of a standard length of 10 cm in wavelengths of a particular radiation in the cadmium spectrum.

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  • Silica happens to not absorb light of visible wavelengths, which is largely why it is transparent.

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  • The line spectrum of many stars is very rich, at least at some wavelengths, which is why it is necessary to allow for the absorption of a number of lines of different elements when calculating the absorption of starlight at a particular wavelength.

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  • The lamp uses an electric arc to stimulate the element it contains to emit its characteristic wavelengths of light: The same electronic transitions are responsible for emission and absorption, so the wavelengths are the same.

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