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  • n. A popular name for floor-cloth.


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  • And across the wax-cloth Tilly pushed a copybook, in which she had laboriously inscribed a prim maxim the requisite number of times.

    Australia Felix

  • Annemarie issued invitations for a coffee-party; the Professor as grimly retired, with an armful of books, to the seclusion of a sunless attic; and a round dozen of ladies, armed with work-bags and satchels, arrived to sit in circle about the wax-cloth of the dinner-table.

    Two Tales of Old Strasbourg

  • No need of logic to prove the most argumentative absurdity absurd; as Goethe says of himself, ¬Ďall this ran down from me like water from a man in wax-cloth dress.

    Paras. 1-24

  • It was a fine April morning (excepting that it had snowed hard the night before, and the ground remained covered with a dazzling mantle of six inches in depth) when two horsemen rode up to the Wallace Inn. The first was a strong, tall, powerful man, in a grey riding coat, having a hat covered with wax-cloth, a huge silver-mounted horsewhip, boots, and dreadnought overalls.

    The Black Dwarf

  • Wrap this parcel in wax-cloth, seal it, and send it by post to Madame Sand's address.

    Frederic Chopin as a Man and Musician

  • The lid was not secured in any way, otherwise than by the hinges; and so perfect had been the protection afforded by the wax-cloth wrapping that these worked without difficulty.

    The Missing Merchantman

  • The bale, which had an outer covering of wax-cloth of a much coarser texture than that which closed the mouth of the jars, proved to be too heavy for Ned to move unaided; so his knife was again brought into requisition, and the cloth -- which was still tough enough to offer a slight resistance to the blade -- was ripped open from end to end of the bale.

    The Missing Merchantman

  • They, like the bales, were enveloped in wax-cloth, and like the jars were singularly heavy.

    The Missing Merchantman

  • The lid was quickly raised, and the casket -- which measured about fifteen inches long by nine inches wide, and perhaps ten inches deep -- was found to contain a number of neat wax-cloth parcels.

    The Missing Merchantman

  • The mouth was covered with four thicknesses of a kind of wax-cloth, such as

    The Missing Merchantman


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