from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having a weak head or intellect.


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  • This Republican Thanksgiving Day message to the nation is fatuous in the fullest sense of the word (asinine, brainless, foolish, sheepheaded, silly, unwitty, weak-headed, weak-minded, and witless).

    Pence slams Obama, Dems in GOP's holiday message

  • She grows old, and weak-headed, and she traffics over-much with sorceries. '


  • Sir Galefrid was not an evil man, but he was a weak-headed one, shortsighted and undisciplined and easily led.


  • The Examiner attributed the surprise to “negligence and bad management” by “a few vain and weak-headed officers,” who had conducted cavalry operations as if it were “a tournament.”

    Cavalryman of the Lost Cause

  • They were vain, weak-headed young men, ridiculously confident, and preposterously proud of their plan; for they got a gimcrack painting made, of the six choice spirits who were to murder Elizabeth, with Babington in an attitude for the centre figure.

    A Child's History of England

  • … Several friends said Bush has always been perceived by his father as a “weak-headed” and difficult child … Another suggested Jeb would assume the mantle of “despised” Bush son if George W. becomes President.

    Firedoglake » Late Nite FDL: The Return of the Speculum Set

  • To forestall a lot of weak-headed commentary, trust me, I am just as upset at those in my own age group who did not vote--there were just less of them. n.b.

    Booming Babies Still Want Bidey

  • ‘The Papa of Rome sent his emissaries at an early period amongst us,’ said the Armenian, ‘seducing the minds of weak-headed people, persuading them that the hillocks of Rome are higher than the ridges of Ararat; that the Roman Papa has more to say in heaven than the Armenian patriarch, and that puny Latin is a better language than nervous and sonorous Haik.’


  • It seemed that from such a basis of truth and frankness as the poor weak-headed pauper had laid, our intercourse might go forward to something better than the intercourse of sages.


  • This sumptuous feast was duly crowned by libations, though sooth to say, the tender care of their host prevented their getting drunk, because the rum, though very pungent and very hot, was also very weak, being, in nautical phrase, only equal to three-water grog, and thus did not disturb the acting powers of even the most weak-headed among the theatricals.

    Ralph Rashleigh


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