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  • n. An institution organized for taking meteorological observations in accordance with a systematic plan, and for utilizing the data thus collected by forecasting the weather, issuing warnings of storms and floods, publishing climatological tables, distributing information as to the effect of the weather on growing crops, and by allied Services.


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  • Temperatures near Florida City and Homestead could be similar to freeze events that occurred in 1997 and 2003, the weather-service bulletin said.

    Frozen Orange Juice Prices Heat Up

  • Under the new chart, the wind- chill factor for those conditions is listed as 35 below zero - the point that would trigger a weather-service warning.

    Madison schools canceled for cold.

  • Seattle's typical average daily high for April is 58.2 degrees, weather-service meteorologist Dennis D'Amico said.

    The Seattle Times

  • As of Friday, weather-service teams had not found any tornado paths that were rated less than an EF-3, with winds of 140 to 150 mph.

    The Seattle Times

  • "It's tough on everyone - to forecast, to treat, to drive through," Anthony Gigi, a weather-service meteorologist in Mount Holly.

    Phillies Zone

  • With updrafts of up to 100 mph, thunderstorms can cause bumpy rides for airplanes as they pass from an area of calm air to churning air, much like a speedboat hitting choppy waters, said Chad Gimmestad, a weather-service meteorologist in Boulder, Colo.

    The Seattle Times

  • A one-day record of 2.6 inches of rain fell in Central Florida today, putting the region more than 3 inches above normal rainfall for the year, said Don Van Dyke, a weather-service meteorologist.


  • Kristin Kline, a weather-service meteorologist in Mount Holly, N.J., said this summer hasn't been "record-setting hot" in most places.

    The Seattle Times

  • "The areas that are seeing the rainfall are getting some heavy rain," weather-service meteorologist John Pendergrast said.


  • "Right now, it looks favorable," said Richard Wilson, director of energy services for DTN/Meteorlogix, a weather-service provider employed by the Boston Red Sox and several other Major League Baseball teams. Feature Stories


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