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  • Every weazle in politics is going to put their hooks in this bill and grab every dime they can squeeze out of it.

    House Dems reach deal on heath care bill

  • Obamao's health plan WILL provide health care for illegal immigrants but he being a Harvard lawyer is weazle-wording by ignoring the passage that permits health care for "undocumented workers."

    Wilson apologizes again to Obama, says he didn't 'snap'

  • For non-fans, as well as the flying car, there is the look on the faces of the attendants doing what any car or even non-car person I'm sure would love to do; but there is also the thought of Cameron's reaction when he finds out what's been happening to his dad's car in his absence and how Ferris is going to weazle himself out of this one.

    Feeling Listless - "Taking the credit for your second symphony."

  • 'Very like,' reply'd Betterton, 'but it would be a double death to an Indian cobbler to be conquer'd by such a weazle of a

    The Palmy Days of Nance Oldfield

  • [Sidenote: Sea-weazle.] named to be the cocke of balena.

    Early English Meals and Manners

  • I wonder what weazle words will be used today, only the names of certain countries will be changed, and the words spoken by another politician, next thing they'll be quoting the famous words of Jack Straw as the 'debate' about Iraq came to an end.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • Both Morning Joe hosts are a joke, and Joe in particular is a freaking weazle.

    Think Progress

  • Date Picture Taken: Jun 13, 2009, 4: 56: 58 PM It's Haruhi and the (almost) SoS Brigade XD (I need a Mikuru; ____;!!!) kayleighloire as Yuki weazle as Itsuki

    Popular in the last 8 hours

  • Check this guys bank account he’s obviously a republican with money in swizz bank acoounts or the Caman islands , Hes a right weazle

    Think Progress » ThinkFast: January 12, 2007


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