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  • n. Disk space used to store webpages and other content that can be accessed through the Web.


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web +‎ space


  • Further New Ceres support material usually maintained on the webspace is not available at this time.

    My new editing project - New Ceres print anthology!

  • Just one more thing to consider about our dear old Beeb – they are more than happy to report about people who are caught filesharing to help promote its demise, and yet no one iota of webspace is given over to reporting about the growth of filesharing and the fact that what Organised Media are doing is morally, legally and ethically questionable and reprehensible.

    catflap to US TV networks

  • Okay, I admit that I am incredibly lucky in having webspace which is 100% under my control, and which would require legal action at the telco level to take down.

    October 3rd, 2007

  • People who object to what I say have every right to do so on their own webspace, and sometimes do; and sometimes I am unwise enough to comment back even if it is obviously a waste of my time (and of course they have the right to delete my comments if they feel like it).

    Online reviews and ownership of social spaces

  • This is the webcomic every artist with a tablet, a scanner, and webspace dreams of creating.

    The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade » Comics Worth Reading

  • Smoking SectionLil Wayne and Mr Chef share webspace with US sports and videogame monsters.

    Internet picks of the week

  • If I had the time, I would give each of the following events the time and webspace they truly deserve.

    Life blurs in constant motion « Wanderings

  • A compact -- almost squat -- website, UA's webspace gets high marks for the clarity of its descriptions, the thoroughness of its faculty profiles, a more-than-adequate on-site acknowledgment of program peripherals like an associated journal and the achievements of current students, and its lack of ambiguity regarding critical program features.

    Seth Abramson: The Top 10 Creative Writing MFA Program Websites

  • Large, elegant, inviting, and as informative as any MFA program website in America, the webspace for Hollins University's MFA reflects the program's recent substantial strides in the area of applicant outreach.

    Seth Abramson: The Top 10 Creative Writing MFA Program Websites

  • What's more, it has one of the most extensive FAQ sections of any MFA webspace, including detailed information on funding, healthcare, and selectivity.

    Seth Abramson: The Top 10 Creative Writing MFA Program Websites


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