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  • n. sadness expressed by weeping


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  • Getty Images Amazon founder Jeff Bezos presents the new Kindle Fire A source of weepiness in Detroit, cars just don't have the same romance for today's youngsters.

    Amazon and Our Giant Connected Heads

  • She came in complaining of inexplicable and free-floating anxiety, lethargy, a tendency to weepiness over trifles, an inability to sleep through the night because of dreams and restlessness.

    Judith Acosta: Can We Just Call It Homesickness?

  • As part of our anti-spam campaign, please input the text you see in this image (required) « Orange Prize sick of weepiness


  • I'm not talking about the small percentage of women whose lives are genuinely upended by severe physical and emotional symptoms every month; I'm talking about most women, those who have a couple of days of crankiness, weepiness, anxiety.

    Susan Kim: An Angry Woman

  • I was very struck by this remark when I read it in my trusty introduction, because for all the embroidered-hanky waving weepiness of the novel, I knew just what he meant.

    Avenging Angel « Tales from the Reading Room

  • Clearly considering that the magnitude of the problem called for a response other than weepiness, she blinked, then sniffed determinedly.


  • She was mildly depressed after the birth; he did not handle her weepiness well and spent more and more time in the office.

    A Whole World, an Entire Life

  • But as a gentle prodding to pay careful attention to symptoms of overwhelming guilt, chronic sadness, persistent weepiness, extreme irritability, and temper tantrums that involve biting, kicking, or hitting.

    Therese Borchard: The Terrible Twos... Or Depression?

  • I realized, almost to my own disbelief, that I actually meant what I was saying, which helped to keep the weepiness at bay.


  • In other words, if the combination of bloating, irritability and weepiness gets bad enough, it isn't just a biological misfortune-it's a sign of mental disturbance.

    Is It Sadness Or Madness?


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