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  • adj. in good condition; in good health.


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  • M.P. for Hull, 75; friend of Milton and Harrington, 76; well disposed towards Charles II.,

    Andrew Marvell

  • The Abbe de Boufflers especially, a young man as lofty as it was possible for a man to be, never seemed well disposed towards me; and besides his being the only person of the society of Madam de Luxembourg who never showed me the least attention, I thought I perceived I lost something with her every time he came to the castle.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau

  • 'I think I have pretty well disposed of my young friend George, who, if you approve of it, will be entered next Monday a Commoner of University College, and will be chosen next day a Scholar of the House.

    Life of Johnson

  • I moreover had no doubt but M. de Choiseul, already well disposed towards me, and sensible of the eulogium of his administration, which my esteem for him had induced me to make in the work, would support me against the malevolence of Madam de Pompadour.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau

  • I said to the Countess one day: “We resemble your clavecin; however well disposed it may be to respond to the hand which should play upon it, until it feels the impression of that hand, it remains silent; touch its keys, and sounds are heard.”

    Ninon de L'Enclos the Celebrated Beauty of the 17th Century

  • I hoped, at length, to remember what I had written: I knew the chatelain as an officer attached to the service of the prince, would be present at the Consistory, and that notwithstanding the manoeuvres and bottles of Montmollin, most of the elders were well disposed towards me.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau

  • He had not seen the boatkeeper for a week, and in view of his recent discoveries was not feeling very well disposed towards him.

    The Port of London Murders

  • What is curious is that Metternich's conduct towards Napoleon while Ambassador had led even such men as Duke Dalberg to believe that he was really so well disposed towards Napoleon as to serve his cause more than that of Austria.

    The Memoirs of Napoleon

  • One inducement may have been that the Governor, young Colonel Robert Hammond, was a person whom the King had reason to believe as well disposed to him as any Parliamentarian officer.

    The Life of John Milton

  • The latter died in 1292, whereupon RAYMOND GAUFREDI, who had been elected General of the Franciscan Order, and who, it is thought, was well disposed towards BACON, because of certain alchemical secrets the latter had revealed to him, ordered his release.

    Bygone Beliefs


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