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  • To see through false sophistication and teenage self-absorption without despising the other person or feeling smug oneself — now that's a lesson well-learned.

    Growing Pangs

  • A lesson well-learned and long ago was how futile it was to fight.

    Went Sideways

  • I'd also love some input from some fellow Neo-Pagans (Bella, NYCflyangler), anyone with a knowledge of Native American or Hindu spiritual practices, or even a well-learned Christian theologian.

    Saving Salmon vs. Climate Change

  • It appears that arousal of the amygdala causes a partial shutdown of the frontal cortex, so that it becomes possible to engage only in instinctive or well-learned behaviour.

    How Panic Doomed Air France Flight 447

  • For well-learned activities like taking a free throw, hitting a simple putt, or playing a cadence that you have performed a thousand times in the past, thinking too much about the step-by-step processes of what you are doing can be detrimental.


  • A number of techniques highlighted on the next page help performers play at their best and deal with the pressures they often face during the solo performance or the game-winning kick, free throw, or shot—techniques such as speeding up the execution of a well-learned skill, focusing on the outcome rather than the process, and even distracting yourself.


  • Unfortunately, this increased control can backfire—especially for well-learned skills—because bringing your conscious awareness to skills that once operated outside your working-memory and prefrontal cortex can disrupt them.


  • This added control can backfire, disrupting well-learned sports and even musical performances that operate best outside the prefrontal cortex.


  • Many dystonias are isolated to specific tasks or situations in which a person is required to perform a well-learned and repetitive movement such as a golf swing.


  • There is no doubt that Roberts had practiced his duties many times, but when the pressure was on, he fumbled the well-learned set of lines, likely because Roberts was devoting too much working-memory to monitoring the words he knew by heart.



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