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  • n. A total order of which every nonempty subset has a least element.
  • v. To impose a well-order on (a set).


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  • For, by mathematical postulate, we may well-order all the possible worlds in this set; it might be the case that God exists in all odd-numbered worlds W1, W3, W5, W7, W9, .... so that even if Plantinga destroys my case but fails to establish how God's existence in an infinite number of worlds entails His existence in all worlds, we might have that

    Debunking Christianity

  • It simply says that there exists a well-order on any given set; it does not even say if there exists one or if we can construct one.

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  •  Given any set A, there exists a well-order in A.  This does not say that any order on a set A is a well-order.

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