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  • noun Plural form of wench.


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  • III. ii.84 (403,1) No heretics burnt, but wenches 'suitors] The disease to which _wenches' suitors_ are particularly exposed, was called in

    Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies

  • It's the story of four slave mistresses - "wenches "- who become furtive friends at Tawawa House.

    A tender spot in master-slave relations

  • No, don't call the wenches, they would but strive to daunt my spirit in the holy work of vengeance on the bloodthirsty, and I can't abide tears and whining.

    Under the Storm

  • Secondly, if you guys really felt like pirates, why weren't you raping the "wenches" on board, murdering your hosts, and stealing their ship?

    Tallulah Morehead: Survivor Samoa: Here's To the Pirates Who Lunch

  • Of course, it never hurts if a biographer's subject boozes and ... whatever the non-gender-specific equivalent of "wenches" is.


  • The more poetic reading would be, I suppose, the one in which Chaucer's wenches had been adorned rather than ordered although "wenches" are arguably only *so* poetic. DIGHT.

  • "Then there's hope for you, I suppose … if we can manage to remove 'wenches' from your vocabulary, that is."

    Tender Rebel

  • The beers, brought around by "wenches" are in cans, and slightly warm.

    Public Address

  • "and if, for the sake of the friendship that was between us in the days that are gone, thou wilt lend me some of thine attire, a gown and kirtle maybe, and a decent petticoat of homespun, and a cap such as wenches wear to shield their faces from the sun, I hope I may make good my escape under the very noses of these fellows."

    Tales From Scottish Ballads

  • Then again, given the FAFF thats about, and the probability that Abigail, Quokka or Catty, hell, Even MAYHEM I reckon one of them thar wenches will have a FAFF sewing maachine, then you could be stiched up by a FAFF, operated by a FAFF, whilst talking FAFF. .kinda all fits

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Wish I’d taken a photo.


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