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  • n. A shapeshifter who can change between bear and human form


were- +‎ bear (Wiktionary)


  • Like Jacob is secretly not a werewolf, but a werebear?

    Regretsy – Ulterior Votive

  • A widow told of her late husband's yearlong duel with what was believed to be a werebear.

    The Burning City

  • Why don't you just disallow the werebear form and save yourself a headache?

    D / RPG News

  • As others noted, you can use ANY part of your body to make an unarmed strike, so the werebear monk should be able to use claws and bite as secondary natural attacks after the unarmed flurry.

    D / RPG News

  • I.e. A werebear monk attacking in full attack can use whatever unarmed strikes it gets, then bite, but NOT claw.

    D / RPG News

  • At the center of the novel is the long-simmering love story between werewolf Fang and werebear Aimee, which is part of a larger arc about a feud between shape-shifters, demons and other god-like beings.


  • Our party is: a half-incubus half-gnome bard/rogue (my character), a half-planetar paladin of Kord who recently became a lycanthrope after being bitten by a gummy-werebear (Eric's character), a "golem-pilot" (NPC), a smart-assed cat that will tell you what he knows for a price like belly scratches or home-made cat toys (NPC), and an ice toad (NPC pet).

    December 27th, 2001

  • Not only does it sound cute, but I’d love to be that intimidating … no one wants to mess with a werebear.

    Thirteen Were-Animals I wish I could be

  • However, the trial for Faythe’s life is put on pause when Elias Keller, a bruin werebear who cares for the neutral land that the prides have gathered in for Faythe’s trial, storms in angry at all the cats causing trouble on his land.

    Pride by Rachel Vincent « Michele Lee’s Book Love

  • A widow told of her late husband’s year-long duel with what was believed to be a werebear.

    The Burning City


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