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  • n. The ability of a solid surface to reduce the surface tension of a liquid in contact with it such that it spreads over the surface and wets it.


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  • Tests included how the coatings affected the 'wettability' of the cheese, and how much water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide passed through, either in or out.

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  • Detergents contain surfactants to increase the wettability of the fabrics to be cleaned, builders and boosters of all sorts to increase cleaning power, anti-redeposition agents that keep dirt suspended in the wash water and prevent it from resettling on the clothes, and a variety of other chemical agents.


  • Surface energy is a measure of the wettability of a surface.

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  • Other features of the technology include: improved wettability on component surface; it eliminates steam pockets; it avoids the formation of soft spots; and it provides flexibility of quenching speed.

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  • One per cent to five per cent solutions of Safe Quench 569 improve the wettability on the component surface, thereby imparting a more uniform quench and preventing soft spotting.

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  • Responsive polymer materials can adapt to surrounding environments, regulate transport of ions and molecules, change wettability and adhesion of different species on external stimuli, or convert chemical and biochemical signals into optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical signals, and vice versa.

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  • Contact angles and wettability were examined using small droplets placed on a hydrophobic surface (Teflon tape or ®Nescofilm), photographed side-on using a digital camera.

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  • This description of flow separation successfully captures the observed dependence on the various experimental parameters - wettability, flow velocity, solid surface edge curvature.

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  • It is especially challenging for researchers to disperse and stabilize nanoparticles in molten metals (or melts) because most melts have a large surface-to-volume ratio and are unable to maintain contact with the solid nanoparticle surfaces (a quality known as poor wettability).

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  • “Previous studies have shown that a number of factors affect [dribbling], such as the radius of curvature of the teapot lip, the speed of the flow and the “wettability” of the teapot material.

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