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  • interj. What do you know?


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whaddaya +‎ know


  • Dilan Esper says: if a “current ethnic group” that has been yearning for Jerusalem in its rituals for a couple thousand years turns out, whaddayaknow, to be actually related by blood rather than by mere opportunism

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Genetic Evidence Shows Common Origins of Jews

  • CNNMoney says that consumers are avoiding gas guzzling SUVs and buying ... nothing! whaddayaknow.

    Car Sales Plummet: Automakers Just Don't Make The Cars You Want - The Consumerist

  • Instead of berating Jewish peace organizations for not working together more, the worthy response is - whaddayaknow, working together!

    Shalom, Shabbat, & Shibboleth

  • Prior to the Plame/CIA leak scandal (a.k.a. the Rove scandal), Miller had already tainted the paper's reputation in a more significant manner than had Blair with her war-greasing stories on WMDs in Iraq that -- whaddayaknow -- didn't exist.

    David Corn: Is Judy Miller Worse for the Times than Jayson Blair?

  • CNNMoney says that consumers are avoiding gas guzzling SUVs and buying... nothing! whaddayaknow.

    The Consumerist: July 2008 Archives

  • Johan at Ecmanaut exposes the greasemonkey category script to some combination of solar radiation & spider venom, & whaddayaknow... it comes back with super powers.

    Archive 2005-11-01

  • I grew up in a Polish immigrant household, surrounded by kielbasa, but once I went off to college I found myself eating less and less meat, and then - whaddayaknow?

    RogerEbert Headlines

  • And whaddayaknow, Hot Rod and Skywatch have just turned up alongside a whole freakin 'army of Headmasters.

  • Hey, lola, except for references to a certain whaddayaknow, you just described Weeds.

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • Do you see what we are saying looktothehills? well, whaddayaknow? looktothehills stopped posting a little before 5 o'clock EST, just in time for him to park his fatass on the couch for glenda becky. its a coloring book you retards!

    Think Progress


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