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  • An intensive form of what.
  • Why not? or Who cares?


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  • T.J. needed Rolanda on the inside with full access, at least until he knew what the hell was going on over there.


  • Oceauns Procellarum, sounds good, but what the hell does it mean?


  • Lindsay watched Siobhan Carter, a feature writer on the Sunday Trumpet, weave through the delegation tables and wondered how long it would be before she understood what the hell was going on around her.

    Conferences are Murder

  • The other sailors go about their business, and Quartay sits in the stall, wondering what the hell he is going to do.

    How To Kill Your Boyfriend (In Ten Easy Steps)

  • "Jesus, Taylie, what the hell happened at your shop?"

    Mistress of Justice

  •       Sonora wondered what the hell Joy Stinnet meant by "the Angel."

    The Debt Collector

  • Jiad never got beyond Inspector and Miss, what the hell was he worried about?

    the dirty duck

  • Shirtless—and what the hell happened to his shirt this time?

    Etched in Bone

  • So when a cycle came around for applying to law schools and Samuel Lockwood asked her which schools she'd decided to apply to (not if she intended to apply), she said what the hell and plunged forward with a yes and basked in the sunlight of her father's approval.

    Mistress of Justice

  • Homicide detective Duncan Hatcher was wondering what the hell was going on.



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