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  • Coaxing; cajoling.


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  • "That 's lovely, Tom," and Polly found it so touching that she felt for her handkerchief; but Tom took it away, and made her laugh instead of cry, by saying, in a wheedlesome tone, –

    An Old-Fashioned Girl

  • "If he can't help us, ask him if he won't take me," said Peace, in her most wheedlesome tones.

    At the Little Brown House

  • Anything more wheedlesome than that touching appeal was seldom heard, but Jo quenched ` her boy 'by turning on him with a stern query, "How many bouquets have you sent Miss Randal this week?"

    Little Women

  • You see, the Boss might come riding down this trail any minute, and the ittle mare's so wheedlesome that if she'd come on to you in your prisint state all of a sudden, she'd stop that short she'd send Mr. McLean out over the ears of her.


  • Pretty Patty possessed herself of the lady's hand and looked so penitent and so wheedlesome that Mrs. Farrington was disarmed.

    Patty Blossom

  • Patty's wheedlesome air won them all, and they took away the highly-spiced, and strongly-flavoured dish.

    Patty Blossom

  • This astonishing announcement was doubtless induced by the fact that Patty had been unable to resist his wheedlesome voice and frank, ingenuous manner, and she had indulged in one of her most dimpled smiles.

    Patty's Butterfly Days

  • He was so wheedlesome and so boyish in his enjoyment of the joke, that Patty hadn't the heart to scold him, nor was she sure she had any reason to do so.

    Patty's Suitors

  • "Auntie," and Kit put on his most wheedlesome smile, which was always compelling, "if you'll just let me stay till the first guest comes, I'll scoot out at once."

    Patty's Suitors

  • Patty remembered her defence of Daisy, and couldn't repress a smile at the boy's wheedlesome argument.

    Patty's Butterfly Days


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