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  • n. Common misspelling of wherewithal.


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  • The net result is that value leaves the country, and eventually results in smaller and smaller segments of the economy having the wherewithall to pony up and sustain a first world standard of living.

    Matthew Yglesias » What Have We Lost?

  • I guess that's like the "wherewithall" but ... in French?

    GOP presidential debate in South Carolina - as it happened

  • If you have the social wherewithall to make a successful go of that, that's wonderful.

    Monterrey Help Please

  • The government is the only entity I can think of that has the wherewithall to accomplish this.

    Health Care Costs Today

  • Farewell to the man who polluted the literary psycho-sphere with the sociopathic trappings of Holden Caulfield and good riddance to him (to which do I refer, all of you who-no doubt, are railing and rallying against one with the wherewithall to state the obvious-might inquire: the man or the myth?).

    J.D. Salinger Dead at 91 –

  • I applaud Sen Franken for having the wherewithall to address this for our vets.

    Franken's first goal: Dogs for vets

  • There's no question that she has the wherewithall to retire these debts after the campaign has ended.

    Obama Raises Over $40 Million In March

  • I don't have the hour it takes, the packs of razors, or the wherewithall to apply the necessary emollients afterwards to avoid looking worse than I did before I undertook such an arduous task.

    Did the Cat Just Really Say That?

  • And, finally, to show the public at large that confidence in the banking utilities is warranted, thus to get them to invest in production and jobs, which in turn provides the wherewithall for consumption of goods and services.

    Nationalize the Banks

  • Not only did the US Congress give Bush the green light to engage in his wars of aggression (recent past), it has also given the present administration the green light and the financial wherewithall to continue waging these wars and to expand them (very, very recent past).

    Congress Finally Votes for Impeachment... But...


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