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  • n. A quick motion; a rapid, quiet movement, usually by small game.
  • v. To move nimbly and with little noise, usually of small game.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To whisk; scud; move nimbly, as a hare or other small animal.
  • To fib; lie.
  • To lie; fib.
  • n. A quick motion; a rapid, noiseless movement.
  • n. A word.
  • n. A lie; a fib.
  • n. A dispute; a quarrel


From Middle English *whid, from Old English hwiþa, hwiþu ("air, breeze") or from Old Norse hviða ("gust of wind"), both from Proto-Germanic *hwiþō (“rush of wind”), from Proto-Germanic *hwi- (“to rush”), from Proto-Indo-European *kwei- (“to hiss, whistle, whisper”). Cognate with Scots quhid ("a squall, blast of wind"). (Wiktionary)



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