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  • n. Sports A person who assists the huntsman in handling a pack of hounds in foxhunting.
  • n. The whip in a legislative body.

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  • n. A huntsman who keeps the hounds from wandering, and whips them in, if necessary, to the chase.
  • n. One who enforces the discipline of a party, and urges the attendance and support of the members on all necessary occasions.


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  • It was the best Devil I ever saw, and riding thus like a whipper-in after the parsons, had a strange and ridiculous appearance.

    Letter 292

  • It ended prematurely when one whipper-in and horse tumbled over a ridge, though neither was injured.

    More British Than Britain

  • One longtime fox hunter, Lewis Sterler, served as a whipper-in from a car with the help of a radio.

    More British Than Britain

  • They are their own fanfare, their own roll on the kettle-drums, their own whipper-in.

    Another Voice

  • The analogy is exact: it is moderately rare for the whipper-in to whip a hound.

    The Spectator's Notes

  • The sportsman toils like his gamekeeper, the master of the pack takes as severe exercise as his whipper-in, the statesman or politician drudges more than the professional lawyer; and, to come to my own case, the volunteer author subjects himself to the risk of painful criticism, and the assured certainty of mental and manual labour, just as completely as his needy brother, whose necessities compel him to assume the pen.

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • This man, the first whipper-in, was accompanied by two thorough-bred dogs, — fox-hounds, white, with liver spots, long in the leg, fine in the muzzle, with slender heads, and little ears at their crests.

    Modeste Mignon

  • “Here come the ladies,” said the second whipper-in.

    Modeste Mignon

  • Once the stag is solitary, the huntsman's assistant, the "whipper-in," is supposed to bring up the full pack, and the hunt's members and guests fall in behind the hounds.

    Masters of the Hunt

  • The “whipper-in” whips the dogs to keep them chasing the fox as a pack, and likewise the whip keeps the party members voting together.

    Whip It Good - The Caucus Blog -


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