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  • n. A boy formerly educated with a prince and punished in his stead.


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  • A painter whose style had conquered Europe became, at best, an artistic whipping-boy.

    The Misery Memoirist

  • And when he is joined by Russell Barr as a Boswell who is a mixture of close companion, whipping-boy and assiduous note-taker, you feel you are eavesdropping on one of the great double-acts in literary history.

    A Dish of Tea With Dr Johnson – review

  • I mean anyone other than IDers would prefer just about anyone other than Richard Dawkins (a favorite whipping-boy around here).

    The Weasel Thread

  • Unions are nothing more than a convenient Republican whipping-boy that like to make noise.

    Incoming AFL-CIO pres again draws the line on a public option

  • The unusual disclosure in a 12-page section of "risk factors" ranging from rocky financial markets to natural disasters is the latest sign of Goldman's whipping-boy status among rivals, lawmakers and angry Americans because of the firm's giant profits.

    Goldman Lists New 'Risk': Bad Press

  • Unfortunately, New Criticism has apparently come to be seen as an all-purpose kind of apologia for complexity of all kinds, a convenient whipping-boy in circumstances in which "complexity" is seen by some as an excuse for evading obvious moral distinctions.

    Canonical Writers

  • It might seem contradictory for Milton Babbitt, the poster - and/or whipping-boy for a style of music often perceived as nothing more than mathematical permutation, to be chastising Jerome Kern's lyricists for being too stylized.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • No, the secret desires and hidden agendas here within the Council House belonged solely to Lycaelon's so-deferential and self-abasing private secretary and whipping-boy, Undermage Anigrel.

    Tran Siberian

  • Like Israel, the US is the liberal's whipping-boy and, like Israel, the US doesn't really care.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Back in January, The Observer (okay, well, not the whole staff, just this reporter) profiled comedian and blogger whipping-boy David Cross.

    The Believer Can Be So Mean/Nice! Right, David Cross?


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