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  • He heard a soft moaning come from the great black battle blade as he reached out a slim-fingered white hand to take it It was heavy, yet perfectly balanced, a two-handed broad - sword of prodigious size, with its wide crosspiece and its blade smooth and broad, stretching for over five feet from the hilt Near the hilt, mystic runes were engraved and even Brie did not know what they fully signified.


  • A tentacle extruded to take them, hesitated, then turned into a dainty little white hand complete with pink-painted fingernails to remove the box from his palm.


  • He had seized Ettie's white hand between his own strong brown ones.


  • Just for a second I had a vision of that pretty pavilion by the lake, and Yehonala's white hand placing a delicate ivory fairy-piece on the game board just so, the silver nails reflected in the polished jade, her ladies 'silken sleeves rustling — and felt a sudden anger and revulsion — but what was the odds, when they'd find it anyway?

    Flashman and the Dragon

  • The heading, the steam yacht kalliope. gala dinner, floated tipsily into view with a flamboyant and illegible signature that was sprawled across it above a dozen others when a short white hand swiftly covered and then removed the card.

    Killer Dolphin

  • She held its left side down with her hand a white hand with long, slender fingers, which the French poet Ronsard had once described as "a tree with uneven branches."

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles

  • – Something upset her and set her to crying; then she wouldn't cry; and the little white hand she brushed across her eyes, and then rested on the chair-back to keep herself steady – I looked at it, and I couldn't bear to think of her going to teach those barbarians.

    The Old Helmet

  • Hanneh Hayyeh pantomimed as she spoke and Mrs. Preston, roused from her habitual reserve, put her fine, white hand affectionately over Hanneh

    Hungry Hearts

  • “O, honey,” she groaned, “ef ye could on'y open dem hebbenly eyes ob yourn, an 'see dat book dar, wot you used to lub so well, how you would bress dis poor ole niggah fur puttin' it in dat pooty white hand ob yourn.”

    Angel Agnes

  • At this point Emmy Goering, who had been long enough in the immediate vicinity of the Führer to know what conversations were, and were not, dynamite, pressed her white hand against Hermann's mouth and said:



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