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  • Having white ears:
  • as a bird whose auricular feathers are white;
  • as poultry with large white ear-lobes


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  • The white-eared honeyeater Lichenstomus leucotis and New Holland honeyeater Phylidonyris novaehollandiae are found in the drier forests, the Lewin honeyeater Meliphaga lewinii frequents the rainforests and wet sclerophyll forest.

    Greater Blue Mountains Area, Australia

  • Seasonal migration by white-eared kob in relation to resources.

    Saharan flooded grasslands

  • While species such as the white-eared pheasant (Crossoptilon crossoptilon) are not technically endemic to the hotspot, they are important species endemic to Southwest China.

    Biological diversity in the mountains of Southwest China

  • The ecoregion is also home to a few endemic or near-endemic vertebrates, such as the white-eared pocket mouse (Perognathus alticolis) and five endemic and near-endemic amphibians, largely Plethodontid salamanders.

    California montane chaparral and woodlands

  • Both of these, the vulnerable Tibetan eared-pheasant (Crossoptilon harmani) and the closely related white-eared pheasant (Crossoptilon crossoptilon) are reported to be locally common.

    Northeastern Himalayan subalpine conifer forests

  • For example, a million individuals of white-eared kob undertake a massive migration of over 1500 km, following the availability of floodplain grasses.

    Saharan flooded grasslands

  • Threatened bird species in these EBAs include white-eared night-heron (Gorsachius magnificus, EN), which occurs in southeastern China and north-eastern Vietnam, Edwards's pheasant (Lophura edwardsi, EN) of the wet evergreen forests in the Annamese Lowlands of Vietnam, orange-necked partridge (Arborophila davidi, EN) of the South Vietnamese Lowlands, and grey-crowned crocias (Crocias langbianis, EN) of Vietnam's Da Lat Plateau.

    Biological diversity in Indo-Burma

  • Among the most abundant species found here are the white-eared kob (Kobus kob), the tiang (Damaliscus lunatus tiang) and the Mongalla gazelle (Gazella thomsonii albontata).

    Saharan flooded grasslands

  • Other threatened bird species with a broad habitat range include giant nuthatches (Sitta magna) and white-eared pheasant (Crossoptilon crossoptilon).

    Yunnan Plateau subtropical evergreen forests

  • Other restricted-range bird species are the ratchet-tailed treepie (Temnurus temnurus) and white-eared night heron (Gorsachius magnificus), considered critical.

    Hainan Island monsoon rain forests


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