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  • adj. of pink tinged with white; a light tint of pink


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  • When the proud flesh comes in there isn't much you can do because of all the blood in the marbly white-pink new skin and you can't cut it off the way you want because the bleeding is too hard to stop.

    Quarters, Pasos, Arabians

  • And with the scars I had on my side where a possessed man had shoved knifelike fingers into my ribs last August, and the long, white-pink mark where a voodoo God had split my arm open in the spring, I looked pretty beat-up.

    Vicious Grace

  • As I was inspecting the areas to laser, I noticed something suspicious on her neck—a white-pink, flat spot that appeared to be a scar.

    Simple Skin Beauty

  • But sometimes BCC can show up as a smooth, flat white-pink scar these are more aggressive or a brown patch that resembles a freckle.

    Simple Skin Beauty

  • Even for those who have seen a cherry blossom tree, it's not quite the same as standing in the middle of an entire park of them, where the whole world has turned a ghostly white-pink, or walking along a sakura-lined river and gazing at the uninterrupted arch of flowers stretching endlessly ahead.

    Archive 2005-04-01

  • I look at his neck again, the side-by-side scars, the way the skin is white-pink and torn looking, only healed now.

    Still Waters

  • The city walls wavered, rocking slowly back and forth, until more white-pink stones began to tumble.

    The Order War

  • The thin textures upon the girls 'shoulders were rent apart and delicate bodies were unbared, and beautiful blue-and-red spots showed themselves on the white-pink skin like quickly ripened flowers.

    The Created Legend

  • Showalter, several fingertips covered with grimy Band-Aids, sticks shiny stems of jade and shower white-pink spider mums into a block of green foam as she begins assembling a showy, multicolored arrangement that's also for Acord.

    WCAX - Local News

  • Republicans are well aware of the importance of the minority (and soon to be majority) vote come stampede time, but Palin's white-pink elephants (call them rosé?) seem blissfully unaware of this.

    Politics Daily


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