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  • Where that thinking eventually led though was to the idea that with my size, my long hair, and my white-red beard, I'm a fairly recognizable figure without any headgear.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • A searing white-red flame rips the air in the corridor, throwing Rustyl against the granite wall, his shield diminished to a mere shadow of that which he had raised but moments before.

    Scion of Cyador

  • Abruptly he stepped back, as the ugly white-red of chaos seemed to swirl from both bottle and the liquid in the cup.

    The White Order

  • Even centuries after the Old Rationalist planoforming, the chaotic white-red hints of violence seethed beneath the ground and beneath deep and slow-flowing river waters, the unseen line between what had been and what now was as clear and implacable as ever.

    The Chaos Balance

  • Another white-red fireball flared across the morning sky, splattering death and flames through the armsmen to the angel's left.

    The Chaos Balance

  • There-amid a grove that seemed to grow as he watched -- was an upwelling of pure black, somehow power-surged, white-red simultaneously, that wrapped itself around a fountain of white tinged with red.

    The Chaos Balance

  • Everywhere reeked of chaos, ugly unseen white-red chaos, yet bands of dark order ran through the white.

    The Chaos Balance

  • Nylan took another breath, then tried to let his senses take in the subtle mixtures of ordered red and white iron and white-red chaos that seemed pure fiery destruction.

    The Chaos Balance

  • The white-red line of invisible fire touched the line.

    Fall of Angels

  • Still, Nylan hammered the needle against the white-red shields, forcing more and more power into that thrust, more and more chaos, more and more disruption, fighting the chaos backlash, and the lines of fire that felt as if they streamed from the white wizards and fell like lashes across his mind and body.

    Fall of Angels


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