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  • adj. Nifty; impressive, often in a superficial or showy way.


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whizz +‎ -y


  • And by the look of that whizzy new (- ish) ClustrMaps widget, the majority of visitors are from the US.

    Happy First Bloggiversary to BoP

  • It won't let them create a ball of gold whizzy dust that lets them zip through centuries.

    Grace Dent's TV OD

  • He's studied 16 of them – from the Cuban missile crisis, when the US and Russia were locked in nuclear standoff, to the near-collapse of the hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management in 1998, when a couple of Nobel prize winners with a whizzy computer model almost brought the world financial system down around their ears.

    We have nothing to fear except fear itself… and nothing to be sure of except uncertainty

  • David's skates had whizzy wheels and leather uppers; mine were plastic.

    'David, my brother for a year'

  • Discovery Bay Games Atari's iPad joystick accessory The company hopes to capitalize on surging sales of casual games—software that lacks the whizzy visual effects of high-end action titles but can be played easily in increments as short as a few minutes.

    Atari Takes a Trip Back to the Future

  • In this respect, Mr. Cameron trotted out the usual bog-standard measures: export promotion; infrastructure upgrades; investment in education and science; whizzy new government initiatives to increase the supply of venture capital.

    Ask Germany where growth comes from

  • What sort of music would you listen to if you did have a whizzy waterproof iPod and didn't have to concentrate and count?

    Rebecca Adlington | Small Talk

  • Or do you have some sort of whizzy waterproof iPod to listen to?

    Rebecca Adlington | Small Talk

  • Its charm lies not in whizzy new technology – or, as a confirmed luddite, I'd have given up ages ago – but in the constant churn of ideas, jokes, gossip, and discoveries.

    Twitter looks chaotic: but don't be afraid

  • The whizzy bells-and-whistles website for the Crooked Well, a smart new food pub in south London's Camberwell, which was previously a French gaff and before that an old boozer, tells you an awful lot about the place.

    Restaurant review: the Crooked Well


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