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  • n. A type of hat, with a broad brim made of black or brown felt.


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wide +‎ awake


  • The sooty, or "wideawake", tern (Sterna fuscata) continues to breed on the island, with large numbers using an area called the "fairs" on the southwest coast on a ten-month breeding cycle.

    Ascension scrub and grasslands

  • "wideawake" hat and passed a hand through the heavy tangle of his reddish hair.

    The Purchase Price

  • And after what I saw last night I want more than ever to fly wideawake.

    Excerpt: The Earth Hums in B Flat by Mari Strachan

  • As I clung weeping to J.B. I heard Oliver sing out: "I see him, Paw!", and I can still see the eager grin on the pale, handsome face under the wideawake hat, but as he whipped the Sharps to his shoulder he suddenly staggered, with an odd barking little cough, looking down at the bloody stain spreading on his shirt.


  • But soft! who is this stalwart figure with the dashing whiskers so admirably set off by his wideawake hat and fringed deerskin shirt, a new patent Colt repeater strapped to his manly rump, his well-turned shanks encased in new boots which are pinching the bejeezus out of him?


  • Now, while he was in his usual old buckskins, I was in the full prairie fig that Maxwell had given me, fringed beaded jacket and breeches and wideawake hat, with a Colt on my rump and a Bowie in my boot, and as you know I'm six feet odd and stalwart with it; you never saw such an image of a prairie hero in your life.


  • For the rest, he wore a faded Sapper jacket and a wideawake hat, with a black sash round his hips; when he turned I saw he had one of the new long-barrelled Remington .44 revolvers reversed through the sash over his right rump, - a gunfighter's gun, with the foresight filed away, if you please.


  • Here and there were ruined shops and houses where some of our stray shots had fallen, but there was no sign of unease, as you'd have expected - rather a sense of excitement and hustle, with everyone wideawake and chattering.


  • You are fixin 'to get the same kind o' wideawake deliverd by Sen Obama.

    Clyburn: Bill Clinton's Behavior Has Been "Bizarre"

  • Lindström, who now seemed unquestionably the most wideawake of them all, came in and began to clear the table.

    The South Pole~ A Day at Framheim


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